Annecy vacation

Other places to visit

If you can tear yourself away from the immediate area around Annecy, there are plenty of interesting places to visit a little further afield. Many of the places below are still only half an hour to an hour's drive away.


GenevaSince the building of the new motorway, Geneva is now only an easy half hour's drive away, or there is a direct bus link from the station. Once there you will find great shops, the famous water fountain, take a cruise on the lake or for a more in depth guide you can take a half day tour. Accompanied by a local guide, jump on a bus, board a cruise and ride a train through the old town for an in-depth half day city tour.


LyonLyon is about an hours drive and is a vibrant old city, with a reputation for gastromony, great walks through old streets, shops, museums and so much more.


A lovely old city with one of the largest carillons in Europe, old castle and the famous Elephant fountain. This is well worth a visit for a day to explore the old cobbled streets or perhaps take the little train which provides a commented tour of the old city.

Aix le Bains and Lac de Bourget

Arc de Campanus Aix le BainThis rather old and grand thermal spa town sits on the shores of Lac du Bourget. It is famous for both it's waters and the casino. It's a very old centre with even the tourist office and museum built into a well-preserved shell of a Roman temple. Just outside is the Arc de Campanus, a rare funerary monument from the first century BC. There are elegant parks laid out with brilliant flowerbeds and an outdoor theatre hosting a variety of events in the summer.

Other ideas

Just a few suggestions here to start off. If you try something different and would like to pass on your suggestions to other guests then let us know and we may include your ideas here.

Jardins Secrets - Hameau de Lagnat - 74150 Vaulx - a fascinating fantasy garden in an oriental style

Gorges de FierGorges de Fier - An accessible and beautiful natural site 10 km to the west of Annecy. Walk through a spectacular narrow canyon on a footbridge affixed to the rock face 25 metres above the

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